Resolving 2022

The pandemic is like being a ghost – you see the world, remember being in it and wish you were in it again.”

George Saunders

Well, dear reader I’m back. How are you? How were your holidays?

Mine? They were…different. After finding out on December 23rd that we had been in contact with a positive case of Covid, and considering all three people in my household were sick, we ventured out on Christmas Eve for the glorious gift of having swabs stuck up our noses.

Now, I say that with some sarcasm but the ability to get tested was a gift indeed. We just didn’t know it at the time. Read on.

Thankfully, by the afternoon on Christmas Day we had found out that all three of us were negative. A Christmas Miracle, one might say.

Despite this, we remained in isolation partially because we were all still quite sick and partially because the rest of our family was sick anyway so there wasn’t really anyone to gather with.

Just as we were starting to feel better again, about a week later, my symptoms took a turn for the worse (horribly stuffed up sinus, coughing, constant headache) and our daughter spiked her first fever of 40.

Almost simultaneously, we found out that we had, despite remaining almost completed isolated, been in contact with another positive case in the 2 minutes I spent with a loved one, outside, after their isolation period had finished (they had previously tested negative).

Well. Shit.

Of course we called immediately to see if we could get tested, considering how sick both Aria and I were but we were told that Ontario was no longer testing anyone but healthcare workers and those in high-risk situations. We were to assume we had Covid and just isolate until symptoms had been improving for at least 24 hours.

See? I told you that the ability to get tested had been a gift.


We are officially out of isolation and finally feeling better but as a result of this rather rough start to our year I am only diving in to my new years resolutions now.

Our celebratory first walk post-isolation (Photo: Erin of the Hills)

Yes. I still do New Years Resolutions, even though they seem to have fallen out of fashion of late. And here’s why.

I realize they do not work for everyone – and honestly to each his or her or their own! No judgement, please do what’s best for you.

But me? I find Resolutions exhilarating. And I honestly rarely fail at them (last week not-included).

I think this is because mine are neither specific nor vague, measurable but not daunting and attainable but not exhausting. No “new year, new me” here. Just plain old “what do I want to do more or less of this year” or, even better: what worked for me last year, and what didn’t?

Well, the pandemic didn’t work for me but….that’s not in my control, is it.

One of the positive aspects of lockdown – more time with my husband! (Photo: Erin of the Hills)

What is in my control are my own actions and reactions and this is what I’m working on starting this week.

This year, same as last, I’ve decided to focus on three areas: Physical Health, Mental Health and Creativity. So, in that order, my resolutions are:

  • Move my body every day (this can be yoga, a walk, a workout, a dance party, whatever!)
  • Daily positive self-talk (enough putting myself down)
  • Write every day (no specific time frame, no specific goal in mind, just write)

There are other smaller goals like the addition of more veggies to my diet and my usual attempt to give something up for the entire year (this year it’s my current crutch – Timmies Food). But that’s it. Simple. Attainable. Just the right blend of specific and vague. Totally doable.

But I ain’t giving up their coffee!! Photo by Erik Mclean on

Because you know what? The last 2 years have felt somewhat ghost-like. Not only in the absence of crowded public spaces but also in the loss of close contact with our loved ones. And that sucks, there’s no way around this.

But eventually? We will return to life on earth. It may not be exactly the same but we will be in it once again.

And when we do, I want to know that I’ve built some solid habits that ensure I’m ready physically, mentally and creatively for what comes next.

And you? What’s your plan for 2022? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next week, remember.

Life is beautiful



14 thoughts on “Resolving 2022

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! There is definitely a bit of a testing fiasco going on up here (at least in my province)…but we’ll see what the future holds. Hope you are well!

  1. Hey Erin! Glad to have you back. Sorry to hear you were sick. This whole thing is getting more than tiresome… Idk if it’s ever really going to end.
    Great blog. Loving the positivity. Stay healthy. Keep writing and just do you. 🥰

    1. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment, Faye! Much appreciated.
      I have hope that this will end, and I do continue to have hope that it will do so this year! I’m going to cling to that hope to get me through the next little bit…Whatever works, eh? And, hey, reading YOUR writing is on my list of things that make me happy – so thank you for sharing your talent!

      1. Ah Erin. You’re such a sweetheart. Thank you. I really enjoy reading your writing. It’s a breath of fresh air for sure. I was chatting with my niece today and she said she was doing “gentle january”… no added stress and low key… I’m following suit. You in? 😊

      2. I’m so glad you enjoy my writing 😊 still working up the courage to take it beyond my blog…

        Gentle January sounds lovely. I’m in! I feel we could all need that after the couple years we have had. Thank you for sharing that with me ❤

  2. I’m so glad that you have come through this rollercoaster period. Somehow, despite our nomadic lives living between countries, we have managed to stay clear of Covid, which also feels like a miracle of sorts. Glad that you have made and are serious about New Year’s Resolutions. Like you, I also have some success, though not in areas related to food. Thanks again for following Leighton Travels and looking forward to keeping up with your own blogging adventures.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I’m very glad to hear you have managed to avoid Covid so far and I sincerely hope it stays that way for you! As for New Year’s Resolutions, food is always a hard one for me as well, especially juggling a toddler and three freelance contracts! I hope your resolutions (if you made any) are going well. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. I can’t believe they were no longer testing people apart from healthcare workers, when you had such obvious symptoms! Sounds like a nightmare but glad you’re all better now. Move my body every day is always on my goals list as well.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yeah, the testing situation has been a bit dismal in Ontario since post-Christmas but at least we got better! I’m glad you’re moving your body every day – so beneficial in so many ways! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment xo

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