A wise man once told me life’s too short to not enjoy yourself.

I would like to add – if you can’t always enjoy yourself, write it down somewhere when you do so that you can read the highlights during the tougher times. Trust me, it’s more therapeutic than any comedy, rom-com or just feel good movie out there… because you actually lived it.

Although many would not agree, I made a decision in early 2012 as graduation stared me in the face with that, “well, what now?” look in its eye, that I would be most likely to enjoy myself fully if I stayed in school – and before I knew it (after enough drama to almost make me change my mind) there I was. September 2012 marked the beginning of a Master’s of History and since then I have regaled the internet, or the 3 people who may actually read this, with the adventures encountered over those two years and beyond.

Now, having completed my schooling for the time being, I am hoping keeping up with this site will encourage me to push my writing ever-forward. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll actually turn it into a career of sorts. For now, however, I hope you enjoy my musings.

Life, for me, is about three things: Love, Laughter and Learning. I hope this blogging leads to all three.

Please do let me know what you think! Learning to accept constructive criticism is still currently on my to-do list.

xo Erin

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